Friday, 19 July 2013

Cephalonia, Greece

Cephalonia (sometimes spelt Kefalonia) was one of our favourite destinations we visited! It was such a peaceful, clean & lovely place to walk around. We were here for our second wedding anniversary so it was extra special! It's one of the Greek Islands and we would definitely love to come back here one day. 
We found a street of shops behind some buildings that had lots of souvenirs & local produce to explore as well as cute bars & cafes to sit in. There was a small bakery with HUGE buns & pastries to choose from. We got a sweet bun to share & sat on the side of the street before heading off to find a local draught beer! That was heavenly in the hot sun!

It felt like such a romantic place and not just because 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' was filmed here but the scenery was to die for! We found this little place (in photo below) to stop and stare out into the water for a while. It was just beautiful and so lovely to share such a moment together on our anniversary. I'm so glad we happened to land on this island in time to celebrate our love!

We heard there were giant sea turtles swimming about by the boats so we headed to the harbour to go out spotting. On the way to the boats I spotted one swimming right next to where we were walking & it followed us all the way back bobbing up & down greeting us occasionally. I think he thought we had food! Once we got to the boat there were LOTS of them swimming about trying to feast on the fish bait the fishermen were tossing into the water. It was the biggest highlight of the day seeing those turtles! So special!

Even though it was the 'casual' night for dinner that evening we dressed up anyway since it was a special occasion. The people we shared a table with blessed us so much that night. We had balloons on the table, they bought us drinks & when all the waiters surrounded us to sing "congratulations" to us they presented us with a cake to celebrate which our new friends had secretly arranged! The funniest thing was at the end the waiters started chanting "kiss! kiss! kiss! kiss!". Definitely an anniversary to remember forever! 

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