Monday, 1 July 2013

DIY: Restyled magazine rack

I found this old wooden magazine rack in a thrift shop a while back knowing I wanted to paint it at some point & also we needed one because Sam doesn't like seeing all my magazines in big piles. He's a very very tidy man! (I'm very lucky!).

You'll need:
Magazine rack, paintbrushes, paint (I used leftover wall paint samples again), sandpaper & varnish (not pictured).

Start by sanding down the magazine rack to get as much of the current varnish off as you can. This is time consuming but it will make the paint stick better when you come to it. 

Then begin painting! I used 'coral flair' in the dulux range as I did on the decorative wooden spoons. I think I'm slightly obsessed with this colour!

It took 3-4 coats to get an even cover but I guess that's what you have to do if you're working with dark wood. I may take less coats if you use a white base coat first.

Once dry finish it off with a coat of varnish & enjoy your tidy storage solution! Sam is certainly appreciating it & he even loves the colour. It creates a lovely pop of colour in our living room/lounge.

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