Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Messina, Sicily

Home of The Godfather films! We were excited about this place although maybe our expectations were too high. We expected the Mafia to be roaming around like a scene from The Sopranos but it was quiet town with very little going on. We could have travelled to Taormina was which was a place about half an hour away to see the famous Mt Etna & also climb the 'godfather steps' but our funds were very limited so we ended up walking the streets. 

We were a little disappointed with this port of call, we were told that if we were able to travel more into the countryside we would have seen more of the 'real' Sicily. Some of the buildings we did see were beautiful though & the town stopped by the cathedral at twelve noon to watch the mechanical statues circle. That was pretty interesting. 

I think the lack of photos say all I need to say about this place. I took more photos sailing away because there seemed to be more of the city to photograph. We had a local beer & pistachio gelato while we caught up with family & friends in a wi-fi spot. Not much to see here though I'm afraid. Maybe we'll give it another chance one day but see a different part of Sicily. 

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