Friday, 26 July 2013

Venice, Italy

Venice was very much an anticlimax I'm sorry to say. Everyone on the cruise told us to get up super early to watch us sail into the city because it's such a sight to behold...but we got up and didn't really understand what we were supposed to be looking at.
Once we actually got off the ship and took a vaporetto (a water taxi but much much cheaper!) into the city we saw a little more of what everyone raved about. The architecture was pretty sweet to look at and we got some great pictures with all the different colours. The highlight for me was the narrow streets & little bridges everywhere crossing into various streets for more to explore. 

The gondola rides were ridiculously overpriced but you could easily follow the routes by walking along the canals but we went at a time when it was just full of tourists so we could hardly move, especially as the streets were so narrow. Aside from all that it was pretty exciting to be in Venice, a city that is so talked about all over the world.  

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