Sunday, 28 July 2013

Korcula, Croatia

Hi friends,
Don't worry! I'm nearly done with the holiday posts! We just took so many pictures each place had to have it's own space on here.

This wonderful Croatian city was just as beautiful as Dubrovnik. We had a lot of fun walking up a street full of cafes stopping off for a cold local draught beer and catching up with family from home. 
The locals are some of the friendliest people and are so willing to be helpful and accommodating. We would definitely come back here to try some local food and explore this small town more. We didn't spend any money on food while we were out in all these cities because all the food on the ship was included & they filled us up plenty! 

I found some steps that went down into the water & couldn't help but go for a paddle! The water here was crystal clear - I've never seen water like it before so I was so excited. I was wearing my swimming gear underneath my clothes but we had such a short amount of time here that I would not have had time to swim properly, dry off & get dressed in time! That's the only thing about taking a cruise, you have to keep an eye on the time. The paddle was sufficient enough to cool off and feel satisfied you'd stepped into Croatian waters!

We finished our trip around this lovely town with 1 euro ice creams! 1 euro!! and they were BIG! I had Ferrero Rocher flavour - absolutely to die for! I didn't even take a picture because I consumed it too quickly. 

We would both come back to Croatia without a doubt, it was a stunning country.

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