Sunday, 24 June 2012

The day before the best day of my life (a year later)


Today is the eve of our first anniversary. Here's 15 things I love about you Sam:

1. Your occasional high pitched laugh
2. The fact that you have to pace around when you talk on the telephone or brush your teeth
3. You do ALL the ironing
4. You LOVE cooking; so it's ok when I don't feel like it
5. You say 'namas' instead of 'pajamas'
6. You always bring me a drink before I wake up
7. You smell nice
8. You love wearing a shirt & tie, even on a casual day
9. You sacrifice a lot for me & want the same things as me
10. You made our three month travelling honeymoon the most fun I've ever had
11. You want to celebrate every good thing that happens, no matter how small
12. You sit next to me when I dry my hair, just to keep me company
13. You make us packed lunches for work
14. You always strive to do the right thing
15. You love me back, ever so well.

Here's to me & you. x

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