Friday, 22 June 2012

Adios, mi amigos

Hi friends,
I'm sitting here with half my packing still to be done! Whenever I go on holiday I have to do last minute packing - that's how I ensure I don't forget anything. The list is in my head not on paper. I make pretty piles of clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics & toiletries on my bed and I just stare at them until I'm totally satisfied - works every time!
We are leaving for Nerja, Spain in the early hours of the morning, when it's still dark, chilly and the night is silent and still. We always did that when we were going on family holidays; leave at the dead of night so it was more exciting and different. We'd arrive at our destination far earlier than we needed to and would just hang around until somewhere opened for breakfast. This time we are getting up early to get to the airport!

I am SUPER excited.

Remember I said I'd hope to have good news for you this week? Well...I got a new job! My DREAM job next to owning my own business. I'm going to be a professional cake decorator. I can finally leave my old job behind, the job I struggled through just to pay the bills and now I get to do something I love AND live well. I feel tremendously grateful that I had the chance to go for it and it happened for me. Happy happy bunny and such a great way to start our holiday.

Here's some photos from our previous trip ( & drink feature a few times)

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