Monday, 18 June 2012

Life lately...

I have to be honest...I forgot my password to blogger. Uh oh.
It's been so long since I updated but so much is going on. It feels like my world is changing and a lot of exciting things are coming my way. I can't say what but I just have that feeling.

I'm really enjoying the Euro football *gasp*. I don't like football and the husbs isn't much of a fan either but we're both loving following Euro2012. We had a whole load of people over on Friday night to watched England win 3-2 against Sweeden and enjoy a whole lot of Sam's home brew. It was a J-O-Y. I just going to admit it.....I nearly cried when England scored that winning goal.

We are off to Spain early Saturday morning. Goodness knows I need a holiday. Two glorious weeks of 36 degree sunshine! That's 90 something in fahrenheit. Our own swimming pool, walking distance from the restaurants and the beach and two of our favourite friends to share it with.
AND my giveaway dahlia dress arrived on Saturday morning. It is a DREAM. This is Coury from fancytreehouse wearing it - I haven't managed to take a pic of myself in it yet but they'll be plenty to show you on my return from Spain - I plan to wear it A LOT. It feels so floaty and it's ever so comfortable! I can't wait to wear it over and over on holiday. I literally tried it on and skipped around my house (for a long time). Anyway, I would go visit Coury, her blog is beautiful and she's expecting a beautiful baby girl in November. It will make you smile.

Anyway, here are a few things from this past week, I haven't been too good at taking pictures recently. I'll be back soon with something I've been commissioned to make and hopefully some more exciting news...

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