Wednesday, 20 June 2012

It's the final countdown

I KNOW you all have that song stuck in your head now...or at least if you didn't you do now. :o)
Yes, it's three sleeps until we fly off to Nerja, Spain. It's a special place for us because Sam proposed to me 2 years ago this week. On the 17th June which was the day he proposed he set my alarm while I was asleep so that I would wake up while he was in the shower - at first I was like "what the...who set my alarm!!" then I looked at my bedside table where a glass of juice and a note sat awaiting my attention. He wrote about how two years ago to that day he made the best decision of his life by asking me to marry him. *sigh* The shock of my alarm didn't matter anymore...he remembered the date and wrote about it! I am one lucky girl.

Today was my last day at work for two and a half weeks. Heaven. I have two days to get the house in order and a whole lot of errands to run before the 3am wake up early saturday morning.

Here's what a made this week and SOLD (so proud).

Happy days! Hope you're all enjoying your week!


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