Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I vow to thee my country

This uber long weekend has been a very happy one. It has been so wonderful to spend such quality time with quality friends.
Our street party got totally rained on but the local church in our little village let us use their community hall for nothing so we decorated it and did all our celebrations and games inside. It was such a success and such a great sense of community, meeting new neighbours and recent acquaintances. (you bet I typed that into google to check the spelling!) Let's hope this is the beginning of bringing back that sense of everyone being together and looking out for each other. I want that.

I did facepainting - and I need to add the guy in the photo below is actually THRILLED to be having his face painted, he was just concentrating so hard on keeping still while I did it!

I feel SO proud to be British this weekend. I LOVE the Queen, she really is an unbelievable lady. I've watched a lot of documentaries about her running up to the diamond jubilee, I never really understood how valuable the Royal Family are to Britain & the Commonwealth before now, they have really bought the country together, even more so in the last few years. Thanking God for my wonderful country today. 

On another note, I have wonderful friends who fill my home with beautiful flowers!

PS. I'll have more work to show you soon. I've been commissioned for a few pieces. I know it's been a while.

Life is currently...WONDERFUL!

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