Monday, 3 December 2012

Day 2 & 3

Well, I already realise that I may not be able to blog every evening. Last night I spent a lot of time making fabric pine cones to hang up for decoration (I'll share them soon!) Life just gets busy and crafty but we're making time for our date-vent calender!
Yesterday was mine. We spent the morning at church and then went into the town to finish off our christmas shopping (maybe not the best combination on a Sunday, but hey ho, we finished all our present shopping and the rest we just have to hand-make!) It's the first time I've done everything this early so it will be nice just to enjoy the season now and take time with my crafts.

Our date for the 2nd was a coffee date. Original huh?! Well, it was to us. We enjoyed a christmas drink together and moseyed along the German Market but then Sam wasn't feeling too good, he didn't feel good from the morning but the brave soul carried on with our date to honour my request. It wasn't long before we headed home, got straight into pj's and made a bed on the sofa....umm...maybe that was two in the afternoon but it was a Sunday after all. Sam dosed up on medication, new christmas socks on his feet and a sweet milky drink in hand we still had a lovely day.

Today, Sam's turn. I'd been harking on about going to Ikea for a mooch before christmas sometime. Sam does not like wandering around Ikea unless we have a purpose, I however, like a good look and swoon over all the things we can't have. My 'date' today was a trip to Ikea. What-a-guy! After I finished work this evening we headed straight over to Ikea for dinner. Meatballs of course! :o) then picked up a few things and some jars ready to make our own homemade cranberry and port sauce. Sam was such a sport and pretended to enjoy it the whole time! Hah.

Okay. My turn again tomorrow. This girl gotta think up something gooood.

N'night all. Xx

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