Sunday, 23 December 2012

Here comes Santa Claus!

Happy christmas eve-eve!
My computer has been out of action which is why I'm terribly behind on blog posts.
I can't believe christmas is in two days! December went ever so fast. What I learnt this month is getting the present shopping done early allows for more time to enjoy the run up to christmas, get more crafts done and enjoy the season. We were done at the beginning of the month so have had a lot of time to enjoy being with each other.
We had our 'orange and clove' date so the house is full of christmas smells and I also got the wonderful breakfast Sam promised me. 

(photos: some of the things I've made this year!)

Here are the rest of our 'dates'. (I have a lot to catch up on!)

Day 11. A breakfast date at Rowheath Pavillion. This place is walking distance from where we live and makes the yummiest bacon sandwiches!

Day 12. We had one more German Market date knowing that we would become too busy to make anymore trips. We brought a box of different flavoured marshmallows and are still enjoying them!

Day 13. Sam chose a take-away date. Many of his dates seem to include food. Good job I LOVE eating! We shared a chinese meal (one of the best I've had actually) and watched a movie together, which was really nice, especially to have an evening in doing 'nothing'.

Day 14. I promised Sam I would 'bake a treat of his choice'.

Day 15. Another date, most likely now in the new year unless we can sneak this in before is to go to the New Inn for a few cocktails. It's such a cosy pub and their cocktails are pretty good. Looking forward to that one!

Day 16.A cinema date. We used to go to the cinema about once, sometimes even twice a week but since we got married and starting living in our own place, paying bills and rent we can't usually afford to go so often. It has become a treat for us to go out to see a movie now which is actually quite nice. We do use LoveFilm but sometimes you HAVE to go see something. So we went to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Uh-mazing! We did go with a crowd of people but that definitely added to the experience of seeing it at iSense/3D/48 frames a second! Seeing it again on new years day with the rest of my family!

Day 17. A walk around Winterbourne Gardens and cream tea date! How very English of us!

Day 18. I had the day off work and Sam surprised me by telling me the night before that he also got the day off! We worked out that it would be the only day/evening we would have to do our christmas food & drink shop so that's what we did.

Day 19. This evening we had a date night with our friends Josh & Natalia. Although Natalia wasn't feeling well so she stayed home. We still went out and had a great meal at Frankie & Bennys. That was great because we hadn't eaten there for a while and it was also great to catch up with Josh who was one of our best men at our wedding. He's is getting married in April so much excitement to come in the new year!

Day 20. We spent an evening making our annual food parcels for friends & family. Every christmas for the last five years we have made cute little edible presents for people. This year we did dark chocolate and pistachio fudge, cranberry flapjacks, fruit & seed chocolate slabs & cranberry & port sauce.

Day 21. Christmas movie night date. Of course we've had many of these this month already!

Day 22. This one might be cheating a little but I want to take Sam to Shogun Tepanyaki again. It's an amazing restaurant where they cook all your food in front of you on a huge hot plate. You get a lot of food and good entertainment as you eat! I think we will try and go for Sam's birthday at the beginning of January!

Day 23. Christmas present wrapping and stocking filling date! All done & done and I'M SOOO EXCITED!!!

Hope you all enjoy the next few days and if I don't blog again before have a really wonderful, restful, peaceful and joyful christmas!

Lots of LOVE! <3

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