Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day 4 & 5 and Pom Poms

I found the tutorial for these sweet pom poms on this video. They are super easy and really fun/satisfying to make and add something different to our christmas decorations this year. Just a few yarns of wool and a bit of thread makes this a really cheap DIY. Go for it!

For day four of our advent I gave Sam a little voucher promising him a game of Pandemic. He bought it a few months ago and I've always been 'too tired...too busy...too not-in-the-mood-never-want-to-play-it', but since he's always so sacrificial for me it was about time I did something for him, especially because he went to Ikea for me. So, when we get a free evening and he wants to play that's our evening sorted. Pandemic is a game where you play against the board and stop a virus from spreading around the world.....yeah.......

Hah. Moving on. Today, day five, our date for another day is to do 'up & down the aisle of the supermarkets for our christmas food and drink shop'. Sam wants to make a date out of our food shop. He's so funny. He loves going up and down the aisles, afraid he might miss out on a treat but just wants to see everything on offer. Sometimes treats get put into the trolley...
Really looking forward to that date anyway, I get a feeling this is going to be one very merry trip to the food market and maybe too long deciding what to get down the drinks aisle!

Hope you are enjoying your December so far!


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