Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A quick catch up

Hello all!
My lack of posts means we have finally moved house! It was all very last minute. We actually still have 2 weeks left on our contract at the last place but we found that this new place was ready for us & Sam had some time off work so it made sense to just get it done.
We had so much help from people to get all our stuff moved across, luckily we have only moved up the road so we didn't need to hire any big trucks, we just did lots of shuttle runs in several cars.

It has been a really stressful & tiring few weeks and has tested my patience to the max. Poor Sam just sailed through it all & put up with me. I feel like life has just passed me the last month or so and I've missed it, as if I've been asleep this whole time. I'm feeling a little on edge & anxious about my next move in life. I know I'm going to work for myself from home but it's been difficult pinning down exactly what it is I'm going to do & I feel like time is running out. I'm worried that I'm not helping us financially, I know that we will be totally ok but I can't help the little niggle in the back of my mind. However, I found myself saying to a friend this week that although things might be financially tight in this season of our lives I wouldn't have it any other way. Sam & I are in this together, trying to make the right choices and live within our means. As much as that can feel frustrating at times I'm glad we get to do it with each other knowing we want to support & love each other throughout.

We are SO blessed though. This new place is twice the size of our last place & so much cheaper. We couldn't have moved at a better time! God's timing has always been perfect. There are more windows to let more natural light in, bigger rooms & plenty of storage space. We've been given the freedom to do (almost) what we like to the place so eventually some of the rooms may be painted. The best thing is that we can nail whatever we like to the walls so it's been refreshing to go wild with pictures, posters & art.
Sam now works downstairs so the odd little kiss in the middle of the day or secret little wink when I pass his desk to go out has been a welcome tradition!
Our garden is HUGE, well technically we share it but through the summer months it's ours as not many people are around to use it. It has a trampoline, kids play area, decking & lots of secret little seating areas in different places. For the first time yesterday we were able to go and sit outside in the sun in our own place with bowls of fresh fruit & barefeet in the grass. It was glorious! It's hard to believe the other place ever felt like home to us. This place is incredible & feels so much like a testament to God's generosity and the places he has brought us out of.

And what's next? A holiday! In less than two weeks! We have been so blessed to be able to go away this year. It wasn't going to happen but then for various reasons we're going! I realise not many people have the privilege to go away every summer so I do not take it for granted for one second that we've been given the chance to go. We're going on a cruise across the central mediterranean. After such a difficult year it's going to be so much more appreciated and such a joy to relax & breathe again. I'm excited to spend some quality time with Sam and just be in love without the pressures of life around us or the thoughts of things that need to be done or sorted. We can drop everything & just be.

Thanks for letting me catch up with you!


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