Saturday, 29 June 2013

Home Tour: Sneak Peek! Living room/Lounge

Hey friends!
This is just a little sneak peek into our living room/lounge in our new home. It's really simple at the moment. It's set up very similar to our old place except we've got some extra furniture like the corner bookshelf that was in another room before & a new rug from Ikea that is so fluffy sometimes we sit on that instead of the sofa!

This is only a week and a half after we moved in. There are a few more things I want to do & add over the next few months but it's a slow process, not finished at all but this room is the most serene in our new home. It feels so comfortable, warm & cosy! It's L-shaped so the part you can't see will be our dining room & there is a deep alcove which we want to turn into a reading nook eventually.

We've started a photo wall which we had in the previous place but I was too wary to nail too many holes into the wall because of it being a rental, this home is a rental but we have more freedom to do whatever we like here. We still need to add more family & friends to it but it's a start for now & we love looking at all the people who have blessed us and been a big part in our lives!

We've already had a few dinner parties, film & game nights at ours. The amount of space we have in this place makes me feel so blessed everytime I wake up. Our (shared) garden was used for our church community event the weekend we moved in & we've now got a spare room & our first overnight guests will be arriving in August unless someone needs a place before that. It feels great to have a space to host & have people stay. This was my desire from the beginning when looking for places to live. I want our home to be open to people. I can't wait for more events to take place here. I think we're going to build a whole lotta memories in this place. REALLY good memories!

I'll share more when we've added to it and feel a little more settled and straight.

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