Monday, 12 August 2013

A few days to feel loved

Sometimes when life feels a little bit hard your good friends have some free time before their holiday & decide to visit you. That's when everything becomes right with the world again! This happened last week!
Our friends Mark & Naomi moved just outside of Brighton a while ago now & at first you don't know whether the move will make you drift apart or bring you closer together but I'm happy to say we're closer than ever. There's more of an excuse to phone each other and make sure we're seeing each other as often as we can. I guess when you take it for granted that you're friends are so close you don't always realise how much they mean to you. I was torn to all sorts of bits & pieces when they left but I'm glad to say we've seen them a good few times since the move.

They visited us last week, the first visitors to stay overnight in our new place! They arrives late Thursday night so we stayed up late chatting & reminiscing before retiring for the evening. Friday morning, Sam went to work, Mark went to study at the library & we ladies of leisure stayed in our pjs until past 11am! Poor men, hard at work while we spend their hard earned money. What you gonna do!? After bacon sandwiches & countless cups of tea we got ready to go out to get Naomi's wedding & engagement ring cleaned in town - the best thing about that was the guy in the shop cleaned all my rings free of charge too! I felt like a new bride! What a treat! We celebrated (bit extreme I know..) with chocolate milkshake (for naomi) and green tea chai frappe (for me) before heading home to greet the boys. Sam finished work early & Mark had finished his studies just at the same time. We headed over to the Lickey Hills Country Park for a spontaneous walk/hill climb! It seems to be becoming a tradition for us when we get together. It rained & my feet got wet but I'm not complaining. Sam & I have decided since that we'll do it more often just the two of us, exercise & quality time!
All good hill climbs deserve to be finished off with a good beer or cider don't you think? And thank you England, there is always a good pub around the corner somewhere! We ended up staying there late before coming home & sitting down to dinner at 9pm. Ooops. 
Then booohooo they headed off on holiday on Saturday morning. It was so refreshing to be loved that weekend by such good friends! Miss you already guys!

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