Thursday, 1 August 2013

DIY Home: Triangle feature wall

I did wonder whether to share this because the photos are so bad but hey ho, here we go. I had a sudden desire last week to paint one of the walls in our home. The office/spare room was the victim in this case. I had no materials properly prepared other than masking tape & lots of different sample wall paint pots. I can't help myself when I NEED to do something. 
I knew I wanted triangles so I measured out as accurately as I could rectangles on the wall which then went on to become triangles.
Then I literally got out all the sample paint pots I had and went wild. Maybe if I had planned the wall a little better I may have stuck to fewer colours but with no funds available and my hands itching to paint something I just went with it. 

Sam wanted to join in the fun after he finished work so I let him do ONE triangle. He's really proud of it! Haha.

I used mostly greys & blues but then I had some left over coral from the magazine rack I restyled but I only had enough to cover 4 triangles. I think it looks pretty effective though. The yellow came from running out of paint! I somehow found some magnolia wall paint so I mixed it with some mustard acrylic paint I had on hand and BAM! the remaining triangles became bright yellow! I seriously did this spontaneously didn't I?!!

I was so frightened by what I had done at first but once I'd taken off the masking tape it looked pretty good. I love the pop of coral. The edges are by no means as neat and as straight as they may look in the picture but I do rather like it. This home is a rental but we've been told we can decorate as much as we like here which is amazing. 
If I change my mind about this wall I can always repaint it with something else. At least my impatient hands are satisfied for now although I'm already thinking about a floral mural to paint in our bedroom.
This room is far from finished and probably won't be done for a while but when it is I'll share it with you! For now, you just get one wall.

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  1. Very cool, inspiration for me this idea . Congratulations..!