Saturday, 3 August 2013

Community camping weekend!

Last weekend our church community went on our annual camping trip! We hire out the same place every time which is about forty minutes away from home - long enough to feel like you've gone away for a bit.
We arrived Friday late afternoon, the sun was blazing down and gave the most beautiful glow over the field. We set up our tent (a 6 man tent for the two of us! come on...I needed it!) and then hung around chatting, chilling & playing volley ball while we waited for the rest to arrive. 
As usual we ordered fish & chips from the local and had a mass supper together before heading over to the fire pit to light a bonfire & drink hot chocolate with all the trimmings! We sat late into the night chatting & laughing. 

Also, as most delegated picture takers, I am in none of these photos! 

Thankfully on the Saturday morning the weather stayed beautiful even though there was a promise of rain. We always go to Ragley Hall. It's seriously one of my favourite places to go and holds so many memories for us. The day is spent hanging out, eating grand picnics, buying ice cream, playing in the adventure playground & maze and a game of rounders or volley ball is always on the cards! It's just a heavenly day out! 
We managed to stay around well into the afternoon as the rain held off for the whole time we were there. Thank you!!

On the way back to the campsite we all stopped off at the supermarket to pick up goods for a BBQ. The rain was on and off for a while & then the heavens opened and we all started getting drenched. Good ol' British weather. I love it! Nothing dampened (pun intended) our spirits though as we soldiered on with umbrellas until we were too full to move. 
One thing we tried on the BBQ which was recommended by most people was bananas wrapped in bacon & smothered with honey - now I have to say they were nice...ONCE....but I don't think I'll be indulging again too soon!

Sunday morning was sunshiny & dry. We headed to the barn for a big cooked English breakfast then packed our things away before heading home, putting on a whole lot of laundry and flaking out for the rest of the evening! Boy, was I glad to have my own bed that night!
All in all it was a really fantastic weekend with good friends!

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