Thursday, 13 June 2013

4 big-project goals

So I need to have this list up because declaring that I'm going to get these things done in public means I'll be more inclined to get them done!
These may not seem 'big-project' type things to some people but they are for me. They are things that have been on my mind to begin for a long time. Some of them I have started but not finished, others are desires I've had to create/make for a while but haven't had the time or the push to do it! Now is the time!

There is no time limit but I do plan to do them within the year. I'm excited to get started already! It really does work to get your goals written down somewhere where you'll look & see & be reminded!

1. Make a quilt. I've wanted to do this for a while and I've kept some floral material from our wedding with the purpose to make a quilt from it.

2. Crochet a blanket. I have actually started this but it's been in process for a few years. I plan to start it up again and try to get it finished at some point. I'm not going to give myself a time frame but I will finish the blanket eventually!

3. Decorate a feature wall in bedroom. Our bedroom is very plain at the moment. It needs a good spruce up! Not sure what yet but I do love Elsie's handwriting statement wall!

4. Artwork for home. I want to get some of my own artwork up in my home. I have done a lot of craft projects but I want to get back into painting/drawing/collaging and get it up on my own walls.

What are your big-project goals?

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