Friday, 21 June 2013

Upton House

I had a date with my momma where we visited Upton House for the day. It's such a stunning place with a long drive way up to the house with trees on either side allowing you to pretend your making a grand entrance for a casual day out!

We had a lovely walk around the house & gardens. There was a giant vegetable patch full of every vegetable growing that you could imagine. The garden is designed to perfection with floral borders, an orchard and large lawned spaces to run around, arms wide open taking in the big wide world, wind rushing through you're hair, spinning in a long floaty dress...oh...that's just me.
If you don't fancy that there is always the walled garden to potter around and a woodland to explore!

The 1930's house is equally as good as the grounds. You can sit & read in the lounge or go and watch a film in another room which takes you back to 1938 shot on a cine camera making you feel like you're really there. To add to that excitement you can play the old piano, choose a record for the gramophone or listen to the radio with news from the 1930's. Nothing will take you back to Old England more than this place. 

No visit is complete without a quick treat in the restaurant. We treated ourselves to prune and date cake and a cup of tea. Yum!

I really enjoyed my time here and will no doubt be back to visit. England really is a beautiful country.

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