Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Aaaand we're off!

Today is the day we set off for our holiday. I am so excited to get away and spend some special time with Sam making new memories.
We're going to Alicante & Cadiz in Spain, Messina in Sicily, Cephalonia in Greece, Dubronik & Korcula in Croatia & Venice in Italy all on a mediterranean cruise for 17 glorious sunshiny days!

It feels like we've got a chance to relax & let go of the every day stresses. Honestly, this has been a really tough year for us with my two job losses, illnesses & big changes with moving house & stepping down from roles that we've had within the church just to create space and take off the pressure. It's been challenging to let go of trying to understand reasons for events that have been & gone this year but I think we're finally in a place of peace.
We've learnt so much as a couple, what we both struggle with & how we deal with the stresses & conflicts of life but also how each other needs to be supported & loved through it all.

Don't get me wrong, we've had some really great times too. This year my family have been closer than ever, I could not feel more blessed to be surrounded by them. My brother & his wife had the most beautiful baby (who has made me unbelieveably broody by the way!) and we've also moved into an incredible home.

This holiday is going to be a new start. A time of reflection and refreshment of our souls. I am excited to soak up the sun, read a few good books & fill my belly with food too good to be true!

P.s. I'll have a few posts ready to go out while I'm away so don't be a stranger! Really looking forward to sharing our time away with you all once we're back!

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