Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nail Art - Marble Effect

Hello all!
I'm here today with a really simple nail art. One good thing about not working in the catering & baking business anymore is that I  get to paint my nails again. It's a real relaxation thing for me & I get to be creative too!

Warning! This method is slightly addictive!

Begin by choosing your base colour. I used "Put a medal on it" by Maybelline Forever Strong. I use Maybelline Forever Strong most of the time. I could not recommend it enough. It gives a really smooth finish and I've only ever needed one coat. It's fast drying & stays on my nails really well - It usually lasts about 5 days without a single chip.

Choose three colours to go on top. I've used a dark glitter forest green & a teal colour - both came from a nail polish set from my sister as a gift. The set was called Gold by Giles which I think can be found in New Look. The third colour is 'Sky High' by Rimmel 60 Seconds. Place a blob of each on your nail as seen in the image below.

Use a cocktail stick or a very thin paintbrush to blend the three colours together. Don't blend too much because you still want to see all three colours. Leave to dry (you may want to do this while watching a film because drying time will be longer than normal).

Seal your marble effect with a clear top coat. Then spend all week admiring your work!


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  1. Cute! I love all your nail tutorials. I can barely manage to keep the polish on my nail and not my fingers, but I think I could manage this ;)