Sunday, 27 January 2013

DIY Valentine's Gift: A jar of love

Personally, handmade gifts mean everything to me. It means so much that someone has taken a lot of time & effort to make something special. Sam is not a creative type at all really but he make the sweetest handmade cards and really tries with handmade gifts because he knows that's what I love. There's nothing like a really meaningful gift that someone has really thought about. 

Here I'm going to show you a really SIMPLE DIY that you could make for a loved one this valentine's day. 

Mason/Kilner Jar
Heart-shaped punch 

All the above are optional, you can pretty much use whatever you can find in your house to create this.

Start by choosing some bits & pieces to decorate your jar and literally start putting it together. As you can see in the below photo I've stuck in place a piece of lace around the base. I used a little bit of glue from a glue gun to keep in place. Then I've tied some twine around it, cut a small heart out of red paper and tucked that in.
Choose some ribbon to go around the top and secure in place again with hot glue.

Cut strips of card or paper out and write out reasons why you love the person you are making this gift for. That's the beauty of something like this, you could make it for ANYONE! Your parents, best friend, husband, etc. Write out as many as you like, the more the merrier obviously!

Fold up all the strips so they have a little something to open out (like a present every time!) I also used a heart-shaped punch to cut out little heart to scatter inside. It just adds a little extra cute-ness!

Add a tag and voila! This is really easy, simple, inexpensive and quick to create! Go for it and make someone feel loved!

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  1. this is super cute!! I think ill make something like this for my love but blended with a mix tape :)