Saturday, 19 January 2013

Let it snow, let it snow...

...let it SNOW! I am LOVING it and enjoying every minute of it! I'm one of those people that dislike gritters & neighbours that shovel the snow out the way! I've been pretty lucky in that as soon as the snow started to fall I knew I'd be off work until Monday. Monday might be a challenge since our car battery died on Thursday evening, it's the third episode within a few weeks, and we need to get it replace as soon as. All going well I'll be driving into work next week otherwise I'm walking for an hour in the snow! I'll find joy in it though if that's the case. Best thing you can do right!?

We live surrounded by parks and the roads are never too busy so the snow fall has stuck good & proper. Sam & I made the most of it and went for a lovely walk at the back of our house. We don't have much of a garden so the park behind makes up for it big time.
We took photos, I made a snow angel and we had a BIG snow ball fight...just the two of us...and it was one of those "I know exactly why I married him..." moments. He's so much fun! (& I love him!)
I have to add though...I got him in the face THREE times!
Hope this weather lasts a bit longer!

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