Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Reflections on 2012

I love keeping a calender, firstly we need one but I love looking back on all the months at the end of the year and thinking "wow, I can't believe that was this year/did that really happen?/can't believe that was so long ago!" etc etc. You know how it goes!

- At the beginning of 2012 we had just settled into our first home and threw a house warming/Sam's 22nd birthday party. We had just come home from a three month long honeymoon, spent two months living with my parents and then found this place just before christmas! Such a blessing!

- We started a new tradition with some friends where once a month we would have balti pie & chips from the chip shop and either watch a film or play a board game. We've kept it up and had many a fun night together!

- I struggled through a few illnesses & work-related stress but then pulled through and have been doing really great in the last few months. Consequently, Sam & I got new jobs - spectacular new jobs! No work-related stresses there!


- Our best man got engaged and will be getting married in May this year & one of my bridesmaids got married in July to a really wonderful guy so LOVE is all around!

- We went on a really amazing camping trip with our church community!

- We went on a spectacular holiday to Nerja, Spain with two wonderful friends and took part in the Spainish celebrations when they won the world cup!

- While in Spain we celebrated our FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

- We saw Mumford & Sons!

This year I've learnt so much about myself. The ways I cope with certain situations, the way I manage my time, especially now that I live in my own home and live with the man of my dreams. I've learnt about compromise, a lot about compromise! I've realised I'm not the only person in the world - ONLY JOKING - I really did know that but being married makes you let go of a lot of selfishness you never realised you had and do things you wouldn't normally do because you know your hubby would like it. I still haven't gotten used to sharing a bed, I still sleep like a starfish and steal the covers, but its fun to wake up and have someone to cuddle and chat to in bed every night & every morning.

We learnt how important putting time aside for 'date night' is. I mentioned in a previous post we have to schedule in time to spend just the two of us. Our diaries get so full up with work, church and hospitality - we LOVE it all but also love our quiet evenings in together.

Overall, this year has been a beautiful one and I have so many plans and dreams for 2013! I will share with you soon!


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