Wednesday, 9 January 2013

No admittance, except on party buisiness

So we're into the second week of the new year! The days are back to normal for me now. I was still off on annual leave until this week. It's been a glorious break with hardly any early mornings, no routine and lots of naughty treats. It's back to work, routine and eating well now but I'm ready to embrace it!

It was Sam's 23rd birthday on the fifth January. I gave him his presents days before though before we still had a week of holiday left and I thought he'll need the time to enjoy them and play! I got him Lego Lord of the Rings on xbox360 so we've had a blast on that. It's so much like the film it's pretty good, then expansion packs to this board game which I highly recommend. The only downside is you have to have 3 + players so Sam & I can't just play it whenever we feel like it. We've had many a game with friends over the Christmas break though so I've had my fill. Of course, more blu-rays & books and much Lord of the Rings merchandise. With the release of The Hobbit we're both very much back into a LOTR mood. 
We make the most out of all birthdays so no matter what age we are we'll make it an event! Sam had a LOTR blu-ray marathon party. (maybe I suggested it......)
There were 12 of us altogether so much furniture was moved around to get everyone in.
Here was our timetable for the day:

9am - HOBBIT BREAKFAST (sausage, bacon, hobbit hole toast, black pudding, merry's mushrooms, tomatoes & beans)
11.30am - SECOND BREAKFAST (pippin's pancakes & frodo's fruit)
3pm - LUNCH OF LORIEN (spiced soup & lembas bread)
8pm - DWARVEN DINNER (mutton stew, po-tay-toes & farmers maggots cabbage)

We finished the evening about 11pm! It was a full on day, only for hardcore LOTR fans! The room was decorated with lights and leaves & I made him a 'one ring' cake!

Yup. I think you can call us GEEKS!

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