Friday, 11 January 2013

Hopes & dreams 2013

- Create an editorial calendar & develop the blog, posting more frequently with DIYs, new adventures & photos.
- Travel more! Even if it's just around England, I want to see & do more!
- Prioritize date nights. Last year was so busy we found on a regular basis we had accidentally booked up every night of the week & weekends then had no time for cuddles & quality time! That's an important one for me who needs more snuggles than the average person!
- Read! Make the space to pick up the list of books I want to get through. 
- Bake! I LOVE cooking & baking and definitely need to get more adventurous in the kitchen. I'm ready to try new foods & new recipes! 
- Move! I find on my days off from work and I have time to work on my business I'm mostly at the computer or my craft desk sitting down. I'm going to make the effort just to go for short walks or discover new places in the middle of the day. 

I think that will do for now. I'm excited for this year! 

P.s. I already achieved one goal of this year. I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! It's been a long time coming & definitely not something I've enjoyed doing but the feeling now it's all done & done is wonderful!

Hope you're all having a gorgeous day! Xx

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