Sunday, 13 January 2013

New year, new opportunities!

Hi all,
Exciting news this week which I've been keeping to myself! I have been invited to be a blog contributor over at 'here comes the sun' blog. This is a WONDERFUL opportunity for me! I'll be blogging a couple of Fridays a year along with some other people chosen to be blog contributors also! You can see them all here.
I'll be sharing nail art tutorials which will be such fun for me. I don't get to paint my nails often because I'm not allowed to have them done for work but at least now I have an excuse to paint them even if it's just for one night!
I can't wait! Really thankful this has come my way at the beginning of the year. Watch this space!


  1. Hi! I love nail art but have yet to master the DIY, partially my own unsteady hand... I'm looking forward to your tutorials and LOVE LOVE LOVE the texture on the gold image!


    1. hey! it definitely takes practice but hopefully i'll do some good nail tutorials that mean you don't necessarily have to have steady hands!