Thursday, 17 January 2013

Earlswood Lakes Adventure

Greetings on this cold & frosty morning!
January has been such a cold month already. We've had lots of frost and a lot of snow but none of the snow has stuck for very long! We've been promised more this week though so here's hoping!
Sam might disagree, but I think I'm pretty adaptable to the changes in weather. I'm always ready for the cold that comes or the warmth when it arrives, obviously there are dreary days when it's grey & rainy - that's not so fun - but I especially love the frost when the sun is shining bright!

I drove myself to work for the first time on Tuesday - it felt so freeing! I have a love/hate relationship with driving. I dislike driving but I love the fact I can get to places & stay warm! I've been taking public transport or walking for years, then I met Sam who passed his test soon after we started dating (winner!) & he lifted me everywhere but it's nice to feel independent again now. Looking forward to the day I can pick him up or drop him off somewhere! It's long overdue I think! Boy, do I appreciate him a whole lot more! 

Anyway, yesterday we both had the day off work together. We decided we needed to get out the house & do something fun. We went to Earlswood Lakes just a 20 minute drive from where we live where they have a beautiful lakeside walk & tea room!
I think we lasted about an hour & a half before we walked back to the car - it was soooooo cold! We took some photographs but the cold was so intense we didn't take many of ourselves. Boo. Still, we enjoyed every minute of our little adventure & the place was deserted so we may have pretended we were being chased by orcs!

 Hope you're wrapped up warm wherever you are! x

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