Friday, 25 January 2013

How to stay creative: Part II

You can view part one here.

Do more of what makes you happy. Keep doing the things that fulfill you. I find the happier I am the more creative I get and the more excited I am about projects I'm working on. I feel happiest when I'm most creative & working on projects I love so why wouldn't I just keep doing more & more & more! 

Clean your workspace. You all get what I mean right!? There is nothing worse (for me anyway) than trying to work in a space that is just too messy. I like to have a place for everything & I don't like to work on the next thing while stuff from the previous project is all over the place. Fresh project, fresh space! Then there is all the other distractions...I try to keep the rest of my home neat & tidy, then there's no excuse to tidy up everywhere else before you start working on something. Tidy space means more time to create and clear your mind from other worries or chores!

Take risks. Break the rules. If one method doesn't work for you like it seems to work for everyone else (right? huh?!) try something different that will work better for you. Maybe you'll discover a quicker or easier way or just a more comfortable way of making things. Who says you have to do it like everyone else?! I know when I've discovered a different way of doing something I feel like I can really own it and be proud! Take risks and if it doesn't work, keep going, try something different. Practice, practice, practice!

Finish projects. A good one I think. What is more satisfying than finishing a project you've worked hard on!? I'm currently crocheting a blanket that's been in process for about 3 years! I know I'll finish it one day & when I do I will feel amazing and will want to find a more challenging project to work on. Even the little things are satisfying, getting something into my shop or even a handmade gift, once it's finished that's just another achievement out of hundreds I could potentially do! However, there is nothing wrong with scraping a project if it's just not working, why force it!?

Collaborate. Work with others. Other people will have different talents to you and may be artistically stronger than you on certain things. Use your strengths amongst other people and let them use theirs to create something amazing together.

Have fun. Count your blessings & don't give up.

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