Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy Birthday Momma!

Happy Birthday Momma!

Since I've written you letters/notes/made scrapbooks/drawn pictures for you all my life it becomes harder to say all the things I want to say to you because I've said them over & over again. Then I came across this poem and I think for this moment it sums up what I want to say to you on this special day. 

I thank you for the tender care you give to me each day;
the times you rocked me in your arms, and sent bad dreams away.
I thank you for the times you picked me up from spills and falls,
for smiling with approval of my silly, childish scrawls.
I thank you for the times we spent vacationing through the years,
for always letting me collect my precious souvenirs.
I thank you for the stories, songs & prayers shared at night,
and even for the discipline to turn my wrongs to right.
I thank you for not giving up on me in adolescence,
for showing me throughout my life, it’s love that makes a difference.
I thank you for the memories of years that fleeted by,
too fast, it seems, for now I reminisce and heave a sigh.
And yet there’s more to thank you for; there really is no end.
For even now as I extend this special thanks to you,
I say without a single doubt, my greatest joy will be
to echo to my children all the love you’ve shown to me.

I love you always and forever! I'm glad God chose you to be mine xXx

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